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The industrial ecosystem is changing rapidly, and engineering cycles are getting shorter and shorter. Reducing the carbon footprint and improving the ecological impact of industry on all stakeholders is a top priority. AUSY is uniquely positioned to provide the technical expertise required in key future technologies such as IoT, embedded systems and green & smart engineering. Our industrial capabilities extend to industrialization and manufacturing of prototypes.

We design, engineer and test complex systems and products, providing expertise throughout the product development cycle. Our engineers and designers are passionate about helping our clients from many different sectors develop winning propositions.

We design and develop systems for industrial products as well as logistics, maintenance systems and operational platforms. 

You can count on our support throughout the full production cycle – from prototype to manufacturing.

The AUSY engineering teams offer highly specialized services dedicated to IoT connectivity and IoT security.

We help your organization develop and integrate IoT platforms and support full-solution deployment.

We deliver zero-default, fully compliant software and support your company through certification. 

With both analog and digital development services and vast knowledge of embedded software, we bring the needed expertise for large, critical systems.

Experts in Environment, Health and Safety, our leading environmental engineering technologies include nuclear, wind and solar energy. 

We design and equip smart buildings, promoting sustainable solutions and reducing our carbon footprint.

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