Learning is a continuous process of improving the manner in which one thinks, feels and behaves. People are constantly evaluating the possibilities to create easier methods of acquiring information close to their personality frame. One might find it more appropriate to learn something new every day, while others might skip continuous learning and focus more on specific targets that don’t last long.

why is Continuous Learning Important?

In the engineering field, lifelong learning is essential. In order to achieve a top level in professional development, engineers need to prepare everyday rigorously. However, it does not confine to obtaining a respected position in the work hierarchy or a fulfilling career. Continuous learning is crucial as it helps people ensure a sustainable environment, a prosperous economy and a safe society.

Even though the challenge is most common for engineers, cultivating personal and collective competencies range among practitioners. Big companies usually provide access to in-house training programs and professional development programs, and career success depends on continuous learning as it maintains the optimal level of competence.

In a world of fast technological advancement, the engineer’s professional-specific knowledge is gradually decreasing. Even engineers with vast experience are exposed to becoming outdated. By the same token, as new fields are continuously rising – information technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc. -, there are numerous problems that require solutions. Hence, engineers need to learn every day and get across the basic boundaries of the engineering branch.


development Journey in AUSY

We wanted to learn more about AUSY’s management perspective regarding the company’s involvement in lifelong learning and development. Therefore, we invited Andrea MURARU, Head of Delivery Manager at AUSY Technologies Romania, to tell us a few words about the importance of continuous learning in shaping one’s successful path.


Andrea_Muraru_AUSY_ROMANIAHello Andrea, could you tell us a few words about yourself?

I am Andrea, Head of Delivery Manager at AUSY Technologies Romania. Within my role, I have the opportunity to work towards matching technology and customer success. I can strongly affirm that I love what I do everyday, and the people I work with. The 14 years AUSY journey so-far can confirm my statement.

What is your opinion about the continuous learning process? How did it help you in your activity and, therefore, in your career?

The process of continuous learning is, above all, a necessity for mental health and for personal and professional development. Personally, the learning process helped me to develop myself professionally. I started from a Test Engineer position at the beginning of my career, progressing to a System Engineer position and later to Project Management.

Today I occupy the position of Head of Delivery in AUSY Romania. This career path was offered to me by AUSY, but it was complemented by an additional effort. I have participated in various technical trainings, personal development workshops, communication classes, and of course leadership and people / project management trainings.

How does AUSY Romania support the continuous development of the company’s engineers? How about the students?

I am glad to say that AUSY supports the continuous development of the company’s engineers, but not only. AUSY is, as a company, in a process of continuous learning and development, constantly adapting to the needs of its employees, namely: it provides both online technical training platforms, offers technical training with internal and external trainers, but also certificates.

Moreover, AUSY is involved in the development of future engineers, collaborating with Romanian Universities, equipping students’ laboratories in order for them to learn in an optimal environment, but also facilitating the teaching of seminars within technical universities. At the same time, AUSY annually organizes summer practice programs and internships, during which future generations of engineers can discover what teamwork means, and learn from engineers eager to share their knowledge.

In which ways do you continue your personal learning and development today?

In general, my focus is more centered on leadership and communication trainings, but I pay particular attention to various personal development books as well.

What message would you like to give to future generations of engineers?

What I have managed to learn over time is that everything is possible, as long as we assume the decisions we make, enjoy the opportunities that arise and especially the road ahead.

And above all, it is important to share our resources with the less fortunate. I wish the same things for future generations of engineers: to enjoy the opportunities they encounter and to help, in turn, raise future generations.


continous learning in a nutshell.

learning_ausy_romaniaContinuous learning is undoubtedly more important than ever, hence it’s becoming increasingly advantageous for students to develop the necessary skill early on. As a result, learning and training are increasingly being viewed as competitive advantages in the business environment, which clearly enhance both technological and professional level.

This year, Ausy Technology Romania will provide internship programs in C++, Java and HR and summer practice programs, meticulously designed to help the young generations explore and learn more with us. We aim to deliver captivating, educational, and hands-on training opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students. Our interns, with their broad set of technical skills, work cross-functionally and tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges.

On this occasion, we congratulate and thank all our bright software engineers involved in mentoring programs, who engaged with enthusiasm in training activities and constantly helped our mentees to understand the environment and the organizational culture of Ausy!

With internships across the globe, ranging from Software Engineering to Testing, Ausy is offering many opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.


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